Saturday, February 11, 2006


Last week , while going through , I stumbled into the news - IIT Geeks form Political Party . Wow!!! that was incredible. They are cream of Indian techie cerebrums. They can get a job in any MNCs, earn FAT salaries which others would envy and lead a wealthy life like 1000s other IITians. But why choose this path? That was the first line of thought, but the "ME" inside me was really happy & proud and envious about these guys. Proud and Happy to see INDIAN THOUGHTS CHANGING... To see YOUTH believing in themselves to bring change to the Political System. Needless to say we know , how wicked Indian politics is, what kind of politicians we have in our center(Laaloooo?? Devegowda??...), how much change or clean up it needs??? I can write a lot about how corrupt the system is.... But am I doing anything to bring the change , other than just doing a heated discussions on the weekends with my friends over coronas and baacardi?? The question is who is going to take up the challenge. Who is going to tie the bell on to cat?? Who will try to bring the revolution?? Who will(MAY) be the frist ones to get crushed by the wicked Political Engine. Well thats US. We The Young Indians. The PARITRANAS - They have come out of the shell , and leading, making me feel Yes I can also be one of them. I should be a part of them and every Young Patriotic Indian should be a part of the small but GOING TO BE BIG movement. I want to see New India, Fresh India, Developed India ,Beautiful India... and I can see the new horizon, smell the new fragrance, through PARITRANA.


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