Saturday, February 25, 2006

Murder of Justice

IBNLive has done a great job in the movement against the Jessica Lal murder case. The case has got a new hope. But I still ponder where is the Legal System leading to in the Largest Democracy of the World??

I dont understand what kind if investigation did police department do? In the party there were even high officials of Police Dept? What were they doing there?? ( none of my business to ask that ). But when there was shoot out , what did they do? They should be the first one to put an FIR and try to bring the convict to court with ample evidence. Instead we see an FIR registered by 19 year old witness(At least out of 200 he was the only one who had the guts to come out and register the case). We cant blame him now, sure there would be lot of pressure on him (from the convicts), they must be all over him for the last 8 years.
More over is the eye-witness the only proof for conviction?? We are so advanced in technology , dont we have any other way to track down?? What about the bullets, what about the Gun. I cant belive there was no other clue for the police department.

Well I guess we live in the Indian society with fear. Fear of loosing your own life, fear of loosing your own family, fear of expressing ourselves. Thanks to the age of internet we can at least express our thoughts in web even if not directly in the public. The only logical path i see is - new generation should be tought to express themselves, rather than forcing them to do as the parent want. Schools and Parents are the ones who can change that. Schools should also focus on making the child express themselves rather than forcing them to learn ONLY maths and science..

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Future of Google

If google grows and spreads it's web as fast as it's doing now, what state will it be 25 years from now ? How will it affect our machine dependent, web-centric life in future? I was thinking about it and these are what my small imaginative mind could picture google at 2030 AD....

Brain of World's Largest Reactive Super Computer/Robot : Google with its vast and immense store of data and knowledge can be fed into the brain of a super-computer to find and ask any answer for a question. It would be a improved version of . Used the "Reactive" word because I feel super computers can be categorized into 2 kinds. "Reactive" and "Proactive". Reactive being the lower generation super computers which can give you answers to your questions or react to a situation previously programmed. Proactive Super Computers are far more intelligent enough to assess a situation and react accordingly without waiting for some input or intervention.

Platform to Access Anytime, Anywhere ,Any favorite Entertainment Program : Google will extend the Google Video to a level that all the movies, television serials will be available in the net. You would be able to search , select and view any movie of your choice or any episode of your favorite television soaps anywhere , anytime. Obviously you will have to pay for it , and producers will be paid their copyright through Google.

World Wide Tracking:
How about taking snaps of every meter of our earth every minute(I would love it to be every second ). Think of what all you can do with that data ? Reduce Crime? Find Lost Child in a Fair? Track path of every movable object and life on earth.. Yes the camera can only take pictures where its allowed, only in public places, you can use it to track anything happening in ur private places too... You guessed it right ,it will be an extension of the much loved , appreciated and controversial software "Google Earth".

There are lot of other fields also, like personal treatment based upon your genes, which Google has already started investing. Its all about sharing knowledge , and correct knowledge. Opening up the world and making it one global public arena to share information.

All these and much more... Only if it sustains the fast growing competitive market for next 25 years. Who knows it can be swallowed by big companies like Microsoft. Which I really don't believe will happen. If google is destroyed , it will only be destroyed by Itself.......

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Last week , while going through , I stumbled into the news - IIT Geeks form Political Party . Wow!!! that was incredible. They are cream of Indian techie cerebrums. They can get a job in any MNCs, earn FAT salaries which others would envy and lead a wealthy life like 1000s other IITians. But why choose this path? That was the first line of thought, but the "ME" inside me was really happy & proud and envious about these guys. Proud and Happy to see INDIAN THOUGHTS CHANGING... To see YOUTH believing in themselves to bring change to the Political System. Needless to say we know , how wicked Indian politics is, what kind of politicians we have in our center(Laaloooo?? Devegowda??...), how much change or clean up it needs??? I can write a lot about how corrupt the system is.... But am I doing anything to bring the change , other than just doing a heated discussions on the weekends with my friends over coronas and baacardi?? The question is who is going to take up the challenge. Who is going to tie the bell on to cat?? Who will try to bring the revolution?? Who will(MAY) be the frist ones to get crushed by the wicked Political Engine. Well thats US. We The Young Indians. The PARITRANAS - They have come out of the shell , and leading, making me feel Yes I can also be one of them. I should be a part of them and every Young Patriotic Indian should be a part of the small but GOING TO BE BIG movement. I want to see New India, Fresh India, Developed India ,Beautiful India... and I can see the new horizon, smell the new fragrance, through PARITRANA.