Monday, January 23, 2006


Yesterday I completed reading the book - "The Google Story". Its a wonderful book , and should be read by anyone related to IT.

Google, the term which every person in IT uses it. It has changed its form from a Noun to Verb. But what is the exact meaning of Google?? Well when Lary Page and Sergey Brin were looking for a name for their search website, their friend suggested the name "Googol" which is a term used to express the value of 1 followed by 100 zeros. But by mistake they thought the spelling was "google" and thats what they kept the name as. Obviously the "" was already taken.

The strength of google
1) PageRank algorithm - Instead of ranking search result pages based upon the number of hits, it rates the pages based upon "reference". A webpage is ranked higher if its referred(links from other webpages) more number of times. Weightage is also given to the webpage which referred it .
2) Googleware - Unique network built on propreitory software and hardware. All computers in Googleware is custom built by google for greater performace of the google software.
3) Self Cure Distributed Network - One+One=Eleven. Thats the FUNDA they used. Instead of creating a single super-computer, they believed in the power of hundered small computers connected by googleware. Also if one of the computer was broken , the googleware is smart enough to bypass it and find another computer in the network to proxy it.
4)Simple and User Centric(More than User Friendly) UI -The website proves it.
5)Keeping the Personal and Professional space well marked - Personal here means the Core of the software- The Search Result. Professional means - Bussiness oriented - The Adware. Not only the they have clearly marked in the space in their web-world but they also run the company in the same principle.

There is so much I learnt and want to write about Google. Hope I was a good writer. Will write about the where google is today and where my imagination can take google in future in the next blog.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

My own domain ... eeeeehoooooooo!

Jan 21 , 2006.
Woke up from bed with a freshness of mind and body like I haven't felt long before. Thats good. What did I do different. Ooh! Last night the music and booze at Citron was intoxciating. Citron Rocks!!! Every time we go to Citron we feel a fresh vibe in the air, the music , the HOT chicks,their moves , drinks , bartender, the tango ,and the BRUBS.... Driving back to home, we had a DDLJ fest.

Within first one hour I searched for my domain,researched for best website to buy from, bought it, and even my own domain was up and running "". Pretty impressed by the spontaneity of Its cheap too..
Wow I have an address in the internet. Feels good!

Hope I will be frequent in expressing myself now..